What Our Customers Say


What Our Customers Say

Take a look at some of the companies that have benefited from our training.


Happy Clients

“Professional, knowledgeable and patient – Ken and his 4-day Revit training seminar gave me a solid and strong introduction to Revit fundamentals. He created a calm learning environment which was organized around a well-paced set of activities and learning objectives. Ken broke down difficult, new content in a well-organized and easy to understand way. He welcomed questions without judgment or attitude and even went to far as to anticipate related concerns and followed-up with additional information without hesitation. In short, ken is a terrific instructor and this is a terrific program.”

 Kristen Kelsch
Intern Architect, Jahncke & Burns Architects, LLC
Instructor, School of Architecture, Louisiana State University


“I learned more in the first four hours of Ken’s instruction than I did in three days of a class given by another company.    Ken is an architect and can easily communicate with us about what we are trying to accomplish with the program.   Ken’s expertise is obvious and he is a good teacher.”

Jason Simoneaux, AIA
MBSB Group
Lafayette, Louisiana


“Support and Training is exceptional, from beginning to advanced, on whatever the task may be…you seem to find the answer.

We now have a Revit Template and the knowledge to work through and manage our facilities for the future….Thanks Ken.”

William Lee
CAD/BIM Coordinator
Stennis Space Center, MS


“Excellent, Excellent, Excellent, Excellent. I must say that this was the most informative and the most enjoyable CAD seminar I have attended.”

Marcus A Jones
AutoCAD Instructor, Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College

“I have had 2 years of AutoCAD classes and I learned more through your seminar than I ever did in those classes. You did an excellent job conveying advanced user information.”

Debra Warner
Republic Storage

“This seminar was Exceptional! I have been working with AutoCAD since Release 2.4 and now have sixteen years of experience. As an instructor myself, I appreciate topnotch instruction. Ken Colgan, is very informative. Great job!”

Clemente Rocha III Sr.
Drafting Instructor
Windham School District

“I have been using some of the techniques that were taught in the class and have increased my productivity by about 50%. I am looking forward to your return here to Arizona.”

Dan Cole
Double Eagle Drafting

“Excellent speaker. I’ll save the price of this seminar during the first week after applying these tools.”

Roger Pressler
Pressler Enterprises

“First I wanted to say that I have been using AutoCAD from R2.6 and I have attended more seminars then I care to remember, and some I do not want to remember. As you pointed out no one really knows everything about this software but it seems that you come pretty close. I found the seminar very informative and your presentation style is great; you were not trying to impress anyone with what you know but where trying to truly teach the software. Also you addressed the questions presented by us in an detailed, understandable and concise manner. Great Job!”

Bob Hodge
Architectural Graphic Support Services

“I have attended several other AutoCAD seminars. This was the most informative so far. First time model/paper space has been explained which made sense.”

Rod Shaut
Galveston County Engineers

“I even learned new tricks this year, even though I attended last year. I wish more of the other engineers and architects I work with would attend.”

Jay Franke
Construction Consultants of Florida

“The information is very useful and the presenter kept it fun and interesting. One of the best seminars I have ever attended.”

Larry Kaduce
Lagow Construction & Developing

“The presentation was relaxed, clear and uncomplicated. After seeing some of the shortcuts covered in the seminar, I was inspired to focus in on my most time-consuming repetitive tasks, and now I have reduced them down to just a few keystrokes. Definitely worth the trip. Thanks again!”

Steve Bryan
Western Steel Company

“I would like to tell you how much I enjoyed your Baltimore seminar. I learned more in a few days than I have in the last few years. Thanks!”

Chris Hanson
Little & Associates Inc.

“I’d like to say well done on your presentation. You made what can be dry technical information seem fun, easy, and approachable. The way your manuals are put together, you must be preparing to do a “How To For Dummies” book.”

Paul Norconk

“Ken Colgan was an excellent presenter – he was very organized and fluent. The manual he used along with his presentation was superb! Well documented, easy to read and follow.”

Daphne Janik
Killam Associates

“The seminar was both informative and inquisitive. A great deal has been shown to me today and I look forward to learning more.”

Jacoby Kemp
J. Vincent Sudds & Associates

“After attending the CADtech Seminar, and seeing what AutoCAD can do; I think we purchased a lot of 3rd party software we really did not need.”

Whit Alexander
Patrick Moore, ASLA, Landscape Architects

“Not only was the seminar informative, Mr. Colgan was very helpful and willing to answer questions and spend time with people one on one.”

Kimberly Fendlay

Ken, you lead a very good class. Quick and to the point and simple to understand. Bravo!

Craig Hirschberg
Unilever Bestfoods NA

“Excellent instructor – makes dry material interesting.”

Ken Larcher
Federal Aviation Administration