Web Site Design and Hosting

The BIM Guys can also help you with the design, hosting and content management of your web site.

Some Examples:





Annual DuLarge Fishing Trip

For a cost effective, well designed company web site, CADtech Seminars now uses Word Press for site design and content management.

Our Responsibilities (The BIM Guys.com)

 Acquiring the selected template and loading the associated framework, files and links.
 Load files to development web site for production and reviews.
 Creating the format of the site to match the client’s needs.
 Creating main menus and all support pages.
 Adding all the content gathered by the client.
 Editing sizes and adding all the photos and text associated with the photos.
 Portfolio setup.
 Contact setup.
 Google map integration.
 Adding a content management system (CMS) if requested.
 Proofing the content.
 Verify all the links are in working order.
 Document all usernames and passwords needed to access the site.
 Training on the content management system (CMS) if requested.
 Adding of key words for search engines.
 Search engine submission.
 Going live with the site.
 Hosting of site, if requested.
 Site maintenance and updating, if requested.

Responsibilities of the company requesting the web site.

To create an exceptional web site, the company requesting to upgrade their web presence will need to have input in the following areas:

 Choosing the look and feel of the new web site.
 Will the site be responsive to digital devices?
 Basic format of the pages and information.
 Descriptions and wording on the site.
 Photographs on the site. In-house or purchased?
 List of key words for Google search.

For more information and/or a quote for web design, hosting or managing content, please to not hesitate to contact us.