Free Revit, AutoCAD and Navisworks Training  –  How Does it Work?

to Qualified Small Businesses

Through the Louisiana Department of Labor Small Business Employee Training Program (SBET)

SBET Links, Information, and Documents

If your company has 50 or fewer employees and has been in business for 3 or more years, you may be eligible for a 100% reimbursement for training through the Louisiana Small Business Employee Training Program.

The following is a list of links from the Small Business Employee Training Program (SBET) web site.

SBET home page

Small Business Employee Training Program (SBET) Overview
This is a five page document that gives you an overview of the program, the process and a few FAQs.

SBET Eligibility Overview 
This is a one page document that gives you an overview of the program and eligibility.
Note: CAD programs are listed under Drafting and is listed as part of the labor demand occupation programs.

SBET Frequenty Asked Questions (FAQs)
This page is dedicated to answering many of the questions about SBET and the Incumbent Workers Training Program (IWTP).
There are actually two parts to the IWTP. One is Small Business Employee Training Program (SBET) and the other is Customized Training. The training offered by CADtech Seminars falls under the SBET program.

SBET Application Instructions (PDF)
This covers the application process. The process is not complicated and we even have a step by step on how to fill out the application. See below.

Detailed instructions by CADtech Seminars on filling out the SBET application
This page covers, in detail with screen captures, the application process required for the free training. You can also print this page for easy reference when filling out the application. If you prefer, CADtech Seminars can handle all of the State paperwork for you.

SBET Training Application Link
This is the launch page to begin the application process. Remember, the process is not that complicated and you can use our step by step instructionsto help you through the process.

Click here for a full list of available Revit / AutoCAD training courses available from CADtech Seminars

We are currently filling our calendar for 2014 training sessions. Please review our training courses and call or e-mail us if you have questions or would like to discuss specific topics and availability. 

If you have any questions or comments on the process, feel free to give us a call at 985-674-0234.

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IMPORTANT NOTE – In order to be reimbursed for the training, the application must be submitted and approved by the state prior to the training taking place. The state requests that the application be submitted 30 days prior to the first scheduled day of training.