Visualization, Panoramics, and Real Time Walkthroughs

We offer the latest in 3D visual presentations:

Panoramic and Stereo Panoramic Renderings

Standard Panoramic Renderings: These can be viewed on any laptop or digital device directly from a web link. With these panoramic renderings you can turn around 360 degrees, look up and down and even zoom in.

LAPTOP EXAMPLE:  Here is a sample of a kitchen renovation we created for laptop viewing:  Kitchen Renovation Link

Boarders KitchenNOTES: This Panoramic Rendering takes time to load for the high resolution.  It is also is best viewed with Microsoft Internet Explorer.




: You can even use QR Codes. If you have a QR scanning app, just point your Iphone camera at the QR code (Black and White Dot Matrix). The Iphone will recognize the code and open the panoramic rendering for viewing. Move your phone around to see around the room. Fun eye candy for clients.

Pano Link




Stereo Panoramic Renderings:
These use Google Cardboard (3D glasses and your smartphone) to view in stereo. These Panoramic Renderings also let you turn around 360 degrees, look up and down and even zoom in.  Here is a sample of a kitchen renovation we created.

IPHONE EXAMPLE: Kitchen Renovation in Stereo for Google Cardboard (For use with Google Cardboard or VR goggles.)

Boarders Kitchen 2Pano Stereo Link






Still Rendering

We take pride in developing detailed 3D renderings as per our client’s requirements. We understand that a good rendering can speak a thousand words. So we take pride in camera location, materials, colors and good lighting and shadowing techniques. These are the crucial for creating great photo-realistic renderings.
We combine experience, knowledge and creativity, to show the clients true intent.

Real-Time Walk Throughs

When your clients are able to see your projects as if they are seeing them in real life, as well as they can control themselves what they want to see or where to go in the model, that builds a trust in the mind of prospective client. Also, They will get a better idea as to what he can expect from the actual product.

A great 3D interactive render will be that unique selling point which will undoubtedly give you a competitive edge.