Coins Section Box…Sweet!

Revit Add-in of the month.

coinsCoins Section Box. This little add-in Rocks! And it is Free!
How it works…in a nutshell.
Once installed, you select 2 or more items and Coins Section box looks at the locations of the items in 3D and creates a 3D section box, in the veiw you choose, based off of the items selected. Sweet.

From the Autodesk Exchange web site:
“The COINS Auto-Section Box tool gives you tremendous speed and agility over managing three-dimensional views when analyzing model areas of particular interest. It allows you to quickly create temporary and permanent views to be used for immediate interrogation of the model or for construction document deliverables. This works by allowing you to focus on the model instead of managing views or a view’s properties.”

To download Coins Section box, go the the Autodesk Exchange web site.