Free Revit, AutoCAD and Navisworks Training

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to Qualified Small Businesses

Through the Louisiana Department of Labor Small Business Employee Training Program (SBET).

How Do I Begin The Application Process?

The following is a step by step process to help walk you through the application process for free training through the SBET program.

For ease in completing the SBET application, you may want to print the following pages of instructions.
If you prefer, CADtech Seminars can handle all of the State Paperwork for you!

Just email us and we will send you a simple form to fill out and we will enter in the on-line information for you.
Once completed, our office will send you the packet to review, sign and send into the state. Its that easy.

If you want to do it yourself, continue. Our office will assist you with any part of the process you need.


Once you have decided on the courses and set a tentative training date with our office, you must apply for the free training through the SBET web site. The application is a simple online questionnaire. The following is a step by step process for filling out the application.
1) Collect the following information for the application:
The company’s Federal ID number
The company’s Unemployment Insurance number (UI#)
The full names, social security numbers, and hire dates for the employees to be trained.
The CADtech Seminars training courses, contact hours and manual costs.
(Call us for a simple form which will help you gather the required information.)

2) View and Print the SBET instructions 
View and Print the step by step SBET instructions from CADtech Seminars.

3) Go to the SBET application launch page
Click here for the SBET Application Page

4) Follow the prompts and fill out the application.

When you are asked what training type: G1, G2, or G3. Choose G3.
Next, When asked to choose training provider, select CADtech Seminars, LLC.
For Course Title: Manually type in the title of the CADtech Seminars training course that you have selected.
For Course Hours, please reference our course list.
For Current Job Title: Manually type in trainee job title.
For Standard Occupational Code: Choose Architectural Drafter or the field that closest meets your occupation.
For Anticipated Start Date of Training: Verify thru CADtech Seminars, LLC.
For Tuition: $350.00 or $375.00 per person, per day depending on the course.
For Text/Manuals: $45.00 – $110.00 per person, per course depending on the title.
For Total Cost: Verify thru CADtech Seminars, LLC

5) Once completed, submit the application to the State Office. Please note, once you have submitted the application, no changes can be made to it.

6) The state will review the application and contact you in writing once you have been approved.

If you have questions or need assistance with the application feel free to call us at 985-674-0234.

IMPORTANT NOTE – In order to be reimbursed for the training, the application must be submitted and approved by the state prior to the training taking place. The state requests that the application be submitted 30 days prior to the first scheduled day of training. 

To learn more about the SBET free training program, click here:

To learn more about the application process, click here:

To begin the application click here: